Baby Showers Ahead!

One of the upcoming showers among our friends is Nicole Berrett's. She is having a baby girl and Emily, Cindy, and I are throwing her a shower. I thought the invitation turned out pretty cute and wanted to post it. I LOVE pink and I know Nicole is excited about the color since she already has a boy. Congrats Nicole, this is for Kennedy! Love that name by the way!! :)

I love this paper

I absolutely LOVE the new paper. I think it's my favorite paper Stampi' Up has made so far. I could use it over and over..and over!!! So I had to use it on my last card for Betsy's party.

Ladies and Gentleman...drumroll please

My cards are done! They were originally Christmas cards but Christmas came too soon! So I decided to send them out at the beginning of the new year (thanks for the idea Cindy). So while I was in Utah my sweet sister Angie kept telling me to pull out my stuff and finish them. Boy am I glad she did! I don't know if I would have ever gotten them done if she hadn't insisted. She even cut out about 25-30 of those snowflakes to help me. Now that's love right there! :)
Anyway, I am really excited to have them done! It feels great! And I am even more excited to make a trip to the post office and dump these bad boys in the drop off box! As Lindsey would say, "Can I get a yeehaw?"

I wish I had an endless supply of time and money and then I would have been able to make cards for everyone in Texas as well. :)

Make and Take Valentine

I LOVE the new ginger blossom paper. I think it is so cute.
This little book/card idea came from a Christmas card I received from my friend Brooke in Arizona. I thought it was so fun and easy. I think the card would be cute with a few pictures in it of your sweetheart or kids. You can change the words to whatever you need!

Sweet Baby of Mine Club Layout

This layout is January's layout for club. I love this paper. Since I had a lot left from last year and I don't have any new valentines paper from the new catalog, I decided to use it for the layout kits. It's pretty cute paper isn't it? I used the new schoolbook serif alphabet for the title with the jumbo outline alphabet for the "a" and the "i."
12 x 12 Kits are $4 and can be ordered by anyone, in club or not! :)

Happy Birthday!

This card is for my sweet friend Jenny. Happy Birthday today!

Notebooks and Flower Pens

These darling notebooks with flower pens I made after seeing some Cindy and Lindsey made. They are so easy and a darling little gift. You take a 5 x 8 notepad and stick on a 5 x 10 sheet of patterned paper. Then you tie a bow with the ribbon you want. For the flowers you take a plastic flower and cut it off the stem (with about an inch of the stem still on). Then you take green floral tape and start at the top of the pen, holding the flower to the pen as you start taping. Tape down the pen and back up again until the flower is secure and the tape is even. Lindsey also has covered notebooks like this on her blog on older posts.
Easy, huh?
These would make cute Valentine gifts for teachers and friends.

New Leaf

Okay okay, I have been a slacker. I was looking at the last several posts and they are all at least a week apart. Kind of pathetic. Well, I am turning over a new leaf this year. I want to be closer to being caught up on my scrapbook (I don't think I'll ever be completely caught up). So I will have more things to post. Say tuned....I hope I knock your socks off with some wicked awesome posts, and might I add frequent! :)
Hope you all had happy holidays!
P.S. I am sending out my "Christmas cards" this week that are now "New Year cards!" Better late then never!

Angie's Christmas Card

Okay, of course I think my sister is the greatest so I had to post her Christmas card. She did SUCH a good job and I think it is so cute. I love it, Ang!