Notebooks and Flower Pens

These darling notebooks with flower pens I made after seeing some Cindy and Lindsey made. They are so easy and a darling little gift. You take a 5 x 8 notepad and stick on a 5 x 10 sheet of patterned paper. Then you tie a bow with the ribbon you want. For the flowers you take a plastic flower and cut it off the stem (with about an inch of the stem still on). Then you take green floral tape and start at the top of the pen, holding the flower to the pen as you start taping. Tape down the pen and back up again until the flower is secure and the tape is even. Lindsey also has covered notebooks like this on her blog on older posts.
Easy, huh?
These would make cute Valentine gifts for teachers and friends.


Jeanette said...

These are darling. JCV

Linz said...

Cute! Love the pens too, doll!

Justin said...

Way cute. Love it. My wheels are turning... perhaps a cute little gratitude journal for enrichment.
Love you. Ang