I changed the valentine card I made for Taylor's party a bit and the young women made them for the widows that go to our church. 

It was a fun and easy card to make. ;)


Jean from jlfstudio said...

What a terrific idea Leah.

As a widow with only cats for the last 11 years Valentines can sometimes be a bit sparse.

I miss my husbands and my pillow delivery for special cards and little bits and bobs. Always fun to find something waiting when the bedspread is turned down.

When left anyplace else and with our cats in the vicinity who knew where it would end up. Sandycat still likes to drag even crutches,canes, purses and any number of small stuff "under" the bed! The bigger the better in her lexicon!- LOL!

Happy New Catalog Day sister Stamper! - Jean

Jeanette said...

It is very cute. Your designs are always simple and balanced. Thanks for sharing.