Technical Difficulties

Hey friends!
I'm still guest blogging here for a bit, I had had some technical difficulties, but I think we're good now! Let's continue our walk down Lindsey's take on Leah's lay-outs. Here's today's layout.

Leah's blank: here. This layout actually has pictures of me, which is rare. Thanks for stopping by!

Don't get bored yet!

We have a long way to go with Leah-inspired stuff! :) Here is the next one! I have to admit, I LOVE this one. I love layouts that you can fit a bunch of pictures on- and this is certainly the case. I also love layouts that use scraps and make a quilt-like pattern. So, another master piece idea beginning with Leah's idea here, and ending up like the page you see before you!

Thanks for stopping by Leah's site!

Leah-inspired Part 2

So here's another Leah-inspired layout. She began with a holiday-themed layout and I changed it to our trip to the fire station. Fun stuff. Here is Leah's original post.

Welcome Julia!

Well, as many of you may remember- Leah is on "maternity leave" from the blog since having her darling 4th daughter, Julia. I am happy to report that Leah & baby are fine and trying to adjust to the life of living with a newborn again.
Anyhow, instead of leaving you guys hanging, I asked Leah if I could fill in till she fills like a human again. So I thought I would share some Leah-inspired layouts. Here's the first, more to come later. This is one of the lay-outs Leah offered at Retreat. I changed it a bit to fit more pictures. You can find her original post here.