October Club

Here is the layout for the October party. I love the trick or treat stamp set and the new paper (in the mini catalog). I LOVE Halloween!

Here is the treat bag topper we are making. If you want to make multiples I am charging 3 for $1.


Jenica said...

Love them both! Great minds think alike because I made a very similar treat bag topper tonight as I was starting to think about the upcoming season!

Angie said...

So cute. I want to order right away. I need a new catalog... NOW. Call me.

Angie said...

Okay, number 1: I love the bag topper and want to order a bunch.

#2: I forgot how much I love stamping.

#3. If it is too late to order that Halloween set I will freak out.

#4. I miss you and I wish you lived in Utah.

#5 Stop going to bed before 10. I hate it when I want to talk to you and you are in bed


#7 I still miss you and I wish we were neighbors.

#8 I miss your girls

#9 I LOVE the halloween stuff.

Love your big, but not BIG sis

Cindy Hansen said...