Create Break Tutorial

This cone is so easy to make!
1. Take an 8 x 8 circle and fold in half.
2. Adhere the inside and make sure it stays.
3. Take the two pointed ends and bring towards each other ( you are creating to cone part).
Overlap the ends to close the space.
4. Staple it together (on the upper half of the cone so you can hide it later)
5. Take about a foot of ribbon and tie a knot at the bottom of one side.
6. Staple the knot to the cone, make sure you cover up the staple you did first, with the ribbon.
7. Tie a knot at the other end and cut excess ribbon off the end. Make the handle as long or short as you want.
8. Make a little tag to hang from the side with cord or stick tag on the front of the cone.
This ia a really fun project that takes only a couple minutes. You can hang this on a tree, put a gift card inside, or creative!
I saw a cone llike this in a stampin up magazine and had to try it!


Linz said...

Yeah! Good job! GREAT picture! :)

Cindy Hansen said...

Very very cute!