I've been tagged!

Abbie tagged me so I am supposed to write 6 interesting things about myself. hmmm let's see if I can think of something:
1. I can put my fist in my mouth and turn my right arm all the way around. That's a little interesting right, or at least weird.
2. I was pathetically competitive when I was younger and didn't grow out of it until after high school. Like we're talking I would be out bowling with my boyfriend and if I wasn't doing well I would sit on the bench and just pout and sulk, making it miserable for everyone else. I was SO pathetic. I still love to compete but I have a handle on it now and am okay if I lose. Thank goodness I matured and grew out of that one; when I told Zeb that after we had been married a while he just laughed and looked at me like "You've got to be kidding...good thing I wasn't dating you at the time!"
3. I love being a mother more than anything! And yes, there are times I could be bald if I actually did pull my hair out when I am having one of "those days." But seriously being a mom and being home with my beautiful girls is so wonderful. They are so precious and I am so thankful.
4. I love to bowl. I have my own bowling ball and shoes. And although I was pathetic in high school I have gotten a little better. It's just so fun. A lot of people are thinking "white trash" and yes some alleys are a lilttle less than clean but I have such a good time. Zeb has stuff as well so it is fun to go together.
5. One of my most embarrassing moments happend when I was dating Zeb. We were engaged and I was working as a waitress at a mexican restaurant. I went to my table that had just been sat and it was a girl I knew from high school and her mom. We started chatting about the engagement and the time passing slowly. As we talked back and forth I said, "Yeah, let's just get it on!" As soon as it came out of my mouth I realized what I had said. I shouted "WITH....GET IT ON WITH." At that point there was no recovering so I spun around and high talied it to the kitchen with my face as red as the salsa. It was SO embarrassing!
6. I am extremely naive. Every once in a while when Zeb and I go to a movie (like once or twice a year) I'll laugh at something funny. Zeb will look over at me with a kind of shocked look on his face. He'll say, "Do you know what that means?" And I 'll say yeah and repeat whatever was said. Then he'll get the "Oh. Leah" look and say "No, it means........" Then I'll gasp and disgustingly say "how do you know that?" And every time he reminds me, "Leah, I worked construction growing up!" I am always shocked to know what something actually means and even more shocked to hear that Zeb knows it! I'll leave it at that since I don't want to write anything inappropriate...but I am definitely naive!
Well, that was kind of fun to think of things about me people might not know! Now the six people I am tagging are Summer Slade, Cindy Hansen, Emily Askeroth, Misty Pankratz, Janel Warner, and Lindsey Blackhurst. Can't wait to see what you all write and don't forget to tag 6 more! I love reading these and want to tag everyone!!!


Abbie said...

I agree, it is fun to read these. I can kind of see you being naive, Steph definitely is! I am pretty naive myself.

Anonymous said...

Way fun to read little details about the life of someone we all love!!!